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Spring Sale!

Sing On Pitch

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NO RISK GUARANTEE: If you don't like PitchPerfector™, for any reason, just delete from your machine, and send me a message within 30 days of your order for a full refund.


Stephen Pierce
Inventor of PitchPerfector™


Choir Directors

"I am musical director for HeartSong, a hospice chorale located in Belfast, Maine. When we're singing in small groups and very intimate situations when people are near death, we're singing in four part harmonies and unaccompanied. Especially in those situations, we believe that our pitch and bending need to be as good as possible. Here's our website for more information on our work:

Two of HeartSong's leaders purchased PitchPerfector™ previously and we were shocked to see that our own pitch was not what we thought it was. Using PitchPerfector™ just a few minutes a day has helped us both tremendously.

About a month or so ago, I began taking my lap top with PitchPerfector™ to rehearsals for people to try for about a half-hour before we began our warmups and singing. We were all very surprised to notice how much more in tune our singing was -- and I was pleasantly surprised that so many singers could hear the difference. Since then, more than half the chorale has ordered their own PitchPerfector™ and we're looking forward to the results both personally and for the group. We'll keep you posted.

Thank you Stephen for this amazing tool. We're grateful!"

Mariah Williams
May 7, 2013


"When I first started using OnPitch, I discovered that I was a little low on my thirds and fifths. After using OnPitch a few times I was consistently hitting them without much effort. Thanks Stephen!"

Ken Mullet,
Nappanee, Indiana

"I got this yesterday and its great! It does everything I need to do and its so great to finally be able to see whats wrong as I have been struggling to find a way to improve my pitch. I love using it and Im sure I will get a lot out of it. I also love the guide to the training excersises. I think is so important because like most people I would probably have gone straight into trying to fix things by starting with a song. Its great to have that step by step guide on how to get the most out of it. It's a very cool piece of kit and its just what Ive been looking for!!

Rebekah Griffiths
Surrey, UK
May 16, 2013

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