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 Key Features & Benefits of the PitchPerfector System

Bio-Feedback (re) Trains Your Brain

Instant feedback cuts through the “tonal soup” so your brain can automatically associate correct pitch.

30 Day Risk Free Money Back Gurantee

If you are not happy with this course, get your money back. It’s that simple.

14 + Training Patterns

Start with Single Notes, work through simple scales and triads in both major and minor keys, and more complex patterns for more advanced vocalist.

128 Instrument Sound Library

Using a variety of instruments improves overall Pitch Matching Skill and with 128 instruments, you’ll find fun ways to challenge yourself.


Hitting the right notes builds confidence you can be Proud of!

PitchPerfector Plus – Upgrade - Foundations of Singing, Part 1

Over 100,000 students with rave reviews! Over 4 hours of video lesson training, practice audio downloads, and bonus lessons. Having these Fundamentals of Singing skills is the missing link to be successful with improving pitch.

Updated: October 21, 2016

From: Stephen Pierce, Singing Results Studio

Subject: Use this New Technology to start singing on pitch in 10 minutes.

Dear Friend, Fellow Singer,and Parents of Singers,

Were you embarrassed by singing a bad note in public? (happens to most of us)

Do you know if you sing on pitch? (few people know the answer to this)

Do you want to know if you are singing off pitch? Do you want to fix it? If so, then this page is for you!

If you ever wanted to know if you were singing on pitch or not, then this page is exactly what you have been looking for. If you already know that you have problems with singing on pitch, this page is 100% ABSOLUTELY for you and will help you improve in just 10 minutes!

As singers we share many joys, desires, and fears. We love the feeling when we sing with complete freedom and expression. And, we love those moments when we “connect” with our audience and THEY hear the beauty in our voice, then THEY are moved, touched, inspired by what they hear from YOU. This may be at church, singing karaoke, serenading your loved one…

But, if you are like me and most other singers, you may have fear that at times you sing poorly – off pitch, bad tone quality, wrong words, wrong timing.

Many amateur singers focus almost exclusively on increasing their range so that they can hit high notes. While hitting high notes is nice, GREAT singers understand that being on voice pitch at all times is the key. Look at it this way…

Do You Want a Big High Range that is “Off Pitch”?

… OR …

Sing On Pitch in a Confident Range?

You want both, but let’s not forget which is more important.

The #1 problem reported by singers and singing teachers is voice PITCH!


Everyone sings off pitch, virtually all the time…

It’s just a matter of how far off pitch and for how long. If you’re a “tiny bit” off pitch for a short time, it’s not a big deal. But, if you remain noticeably off pitch for a half second or more, it can be a BIG problem.

Ever seen or heard of AMERICAN IDOL?

What’s the biggest issue with the singers on that top rated TV show? They’re off pitch! Pitchy singing kills the hopes of many contestants. Have you seen the devastation on their faces when they discover for the first time they sing off pitch? Right there on TV for “all the world” to see!

How can it be that hundreds of those people thought they had what it takes to compete, when they were so badly off pitch?

It’s not THEIR fault!

… and …


The answer is that they did not know they had a pitchy voice or how bad their vocal pitch problems were because:

OTHER PEOPLE LIE… or simply don’t know…

...

Your friends won’t tell you you’re pitchy (they either don’t know, or don’t want to hurt your feelings, or love you so much they can’t be objective). Even if your friend knows, it’s kind of like saying…


  • Your boyfriend, girlfriend, or spouse won’t tell you because they’re simply captivated by their love for you and can’t hear properly. (aside: an interesting phenomenon occurs after about 10 years of marriage where your spouse will develop magical powers to point out when you’re off pitch even if you’re not).
  • Your voice teacher may not mention it, because they don’t want to squash your ambition (it is true that many singers are CRUSHED to learn that they sing off pitch, after years of hard work, including years of private singing lessons).


  • One of the biggest problems for vocalists is that you can not hear yourself properly. The sound from your voice travels through various parts of your head to reach your eardrums. Sound waves get “morphed” when going through different densities of soft tissue, open cavities and bone before they reach your eardrum. This means that what you hear is different than what others hear – you can’t hear yourself accurately.
  • Having a cold, even eating dairy can alter your singing pitch.
  • Research in major university laboratories consistently confirm that even expert professional singers can not tell when they’re singing on or off pitch. In one experiment professional singers where asked to sing a short phrase and immediately “grade” whether they were on pitch or off pitch. They then listened to a recording of their performance and again “graded” their voice pitch. When listening to the recording, they graded their singing pitch 100% accurately. When grading immediately after performing (ie, this is what they thought while performing), there was ZERO CORRELATION between their answers – this means it was a TOTAL CRAP SHOOT for professionally trained vocalists!
  • If top trained professional singers can’t tell, it’s no wonder that YOU and I can’t tell when we’re singing off pitch.
  • The only way to tell if you are off pitch is to have objective measurement device that tracks your performance and gives you immediate feedback. PitchPerfector™ is objective, WILL NEVER LIE TO YOU, and gives you immediate feedback.
  • Work on and FIX your voice pitch problems in the privacy of you own home not while singing in public.

All accomplished vocalists know that singing pitch is a real issue. If you think you have no singing pitch problems, you may want to get a second opinion.

It’s not your fault that you sing off pitch and don’t even know it! But, there is something you can do about it…

For now, let’s talk about the first steps toward correcting singing pitch in as quickly as 10 minutes.


At the age of 4 years old, I decided that I wanted to be a singer. I sang in every event that came along, in junior high and high school, I sang solos, barbershop quartets, big choirs, special small ensembles… awards upon awards, I developed an excellent voice. But, my confidence was weak when I went to college and I felt I could not make it as a professional singer, so I got a degree in mathematics and computer science and became a software engineer for a very long time.


My dream sat on the back burner for years, yet every time I would go out on the town and see live performers, I’d think, “that could have been me”… “I wish that was me.”… and finally, “that’s gonna be me”…
One day I decided to give up my high paying career and “go for it”… I knew I needed training, so sold my house, cashed in my retirement, savings and “poured it all” into getting a top notch education at a great music college. After the first year of training, I sat down for an intensive session with a new voice teacher who had heard me sing for several days at a singing retreat workshop. He said, “we could work on several things… Your vocal pitch issues or …” I didn’t hear a word he said after that. I was SOO EMBARRASSED. Here I had given up a comfortable life to become a professional musician and I COULD NOT SING ON PITCH! I was mortified, humiliated beyond belief and considered dropping out of school. But then, I got it together and decided to get in to action.
I started taking two private voice lessons a week. I bought every voice training program on the internet I could find. I bought programs to teach me to hear perfect pitch and relative pitch. And, I got a lot better over the following two years.
Then, feeling confident, I came to perform for my Junior Jury (this is where all the professors sit and listen to you perform and “grade” your performance – it’s cut-throat – not mean, just brutally honest). I did the best I could do and walked out of that jury, fully confident in my success!


My pitch was better, but not enough to pass!

Do you know a friend who needs PitchPerfector™?  Do you want to help your children sing on pitch and avoid embarrassment?


Back to the drawing board… or internet in this case… I stumbled across a little vocal software program that would “graph” a single voice pitch. I could play a pitch, then sing, and it would draw lines showing where my voice pitch was. The program cost only $39 and only did this one simple thing, but this was my SALVATION!

I started running tests and discovered that I was more off pitch in different parts of my range.

I also discovered that my singing pitch was consistently more off pitch on particular notes in a key. For example, in the key of C, I was more often sharp on the G (5th) and flat on the E (3rd). And, this also varied depending on the area of my range. Over time, I developed a unique profile, or signature for my voice pitch reliability.

The good news is that this voice singing software gave me the ability to SEE MY VOICE PITCH as I was singing and learn to observe when I was “on” or “off” pitch. I GOT BETTER FAST…

…. And PASSED my next jury!!!

As helpful as that little program was, it only ran on my iMac (not on my PC laptop) and it just didn’t do what I wanted and wasn’t even designed for vocalists. It was more of a singing pitch software “tuner” sort of thing with no options at all.

So, I set out to create my own program, designed specifically for vocalists…

Proven Method to Start

Singing on Pitch in 10 minutes

My vocalist software was working fantastically for me, so I asked a bunch of friends to give it a try. Then I sent it to a few hundred other people to get their objective feedback.

The results have been AMAZING and FAR BEYOND EXPECTATIONS.

100% found it to be VERY USEFUL,but even better,50% rated it as “FANTASTIC!”

(and that was just the pre-release, beta version that still had a lot of bugs in it)

Eight years later, here’s a screen shot of the current version 4.0.


Here’s the BIG SURPRISE …
Because this was designed specifically for vocalists, it is easy to just “play around” with it. Reports started pouring in about HUGE improvements within a couple of days. Further, almost everyone noticed improvement within the first 10 minutes.


How could people be improving their voice pitch this quickly?

I expected it to take weeks, or months!

The answer is:
#1 – we’re still trying to figure it WHY it works. We just observe that it does work.
#2 – we speculate that it’s because singers, for the first time in their lives, get immediate and accurate feedback! So, WITHOUT EVEN TRYING, they start adjusting their voice and their vocal pitch improves.

Of course, there’s much more to this voice software for singing and training system than just “playing around”, but the fast improvements are impressive.

I wish I had a better explanation about WHY and in another 6-12 months of research I’ll probably have a better answer. But for now, we just know that it works and I wanted to get this good news out to you as soon as possible.

Now, I want to be fully honest with you.

You may not solve all of singing pitch problems in 10 minutes.

While You will get immediate improvement within 10 minutes, many voice pitch problems require extra practice. Short, easy to follow videos show you how.

The first step with any improvement is awareness. You won’t get awareness from asking your friends, or listening to yourself, but you will GET THE RAW TRUTH from PitchPerfector™. You’ll know when you are on pitch and when you are off pitch and only then can you understand your unique singing pitch “signature.”

After you know your vocal pitch “signature,” you will use PitchPerfector™ to train your voice and your ear to address your specific singing pitch problems.

EVEN IF YOU HAVE A TEACHER who is good at helping students improve voice pitch, you will want PitchPerfector™ to measure your success objectively (odds are when your teacher sees this program, she/he will start using it during your vocal lessons).

So far, PitchPerfector™ has worked every time, with everyone, and it will WORK FOR YOU!

ATTENTION PARENTS: Work with your children “OBJECTIVELY” – Don’t be the BAD GUY trying to help your son or daughter with their singing pitch! Your child can see the results themselves with PitchPerfector™.

Why you can believe me, and is the

PitchPerfector™ System is right for you?

How do YOU know if you sing on pitch?

With twenty years experience as a software engineer, a degree in vocal studies, and in a graduate degree program for music technology, you can imagine that I have access to pretty much any voice software around for analyzing vocal sound. In my private studio, I instruct and record vocalists using the same the tools used in top recording studios around the world.

For years, I sought out every program I could find to solve [my] singing problems, so I know what’s available and what’s not.

PitchPerfector™ was created for YOU because, frankly, you need it.
That may sound harsh, but honestly, every vocalist needs it!

Few vocalists have the $50,000 of voice software that I have in my studio to analyze their voice (and that stuff is very complicated to use, so even if they have it, they need this program because it’s quick & easy).

I took all of my experience, of twenty years of programming, a degree in vocal studies, masters program in music technology and in-depth graduate research on vocal pedagogy pitch problems, and created this easy to use voice pitch software program to give you a FAIL-PROOF BLUEPRINT you can use TODAY, to start fixing you own singing pitch problems within 10 minutes.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Find out how serious your voice pitch problems are immediately.
  • Get training sessions that show you how to use the PitchPerfector™ to build a unique “signature” profile of your voice – everyone is different.
  • If you’re vocal pitch is not too bad, then tweak to perfection. You may immediately enjoy more confidence.
  • Your singing pitch will improve the more you use the PitchPerfector™ which will boost your confidence
  • Avoid embarrassing “off pitch” singing moments
  • Sing with confidence and full expression
  • Get noticed by your peers.
  • Expect compliments on your singing!
  • Get invited to more singing opportunities (to join a choir, or sing a solo)

If your vocal pitch is already great, use PitchPerfector™,to reach the next level.

  • Test yourself – everyone has good and bad voice pitch days for a variety of reasons. Best to know before you go on stage rather than to learn after the performance when you hear the recording.
  • Fine tune your vocal pitch
  • Study and refine the wave structure of your vibrato and other vocal techniques

What you need:

  • a Mac or PC
  • a microphone – either built-in to your computer or laptop, or an external mic
  • an internet connection to download the singing pitch software – it’s easy, 1, 2, 3…


  • It’s Easy to use!
  • Watch the video training and learn to use PitchPerfector™ in minutes
  • You will have Confidence that you won’t be embarrassed the next time you sing.
  • Free from singing softly in the background hoping no one notices. No more lip-syncing! Sing LOUD with pride!
  • You will be free to express your voice with confidence
  • You will never have to worry about your friends or others talking behind your back about how off pitch you are.

In fact, if you get my On Pitch Singing – PitchPerfector™ System now, you could be enjoying the results today:

  • Get up and sing at a karaoke party
  • Sing with a full voice in church
  • Impress that “special someone”

Testimonials – Choir Directors

Prominent Voice Teacher in San Diego wrote last week… “Rebeca here from my personal email. I LOOOOOOOOVE your system. My students are vocalizing sooooo much (50%) more because of your brilliant system.

“I am musical director for HeartSong, a hospice chorale located in Belfast, Maine. When we’re singing in small groups and very intimate situations when people are near death, we’re singing in four part harmonies and unaccompanied. Especially in those situations, we believe that our pitch and bending need to be as good as possible. Here’s our website for more information on our work:

Two of HeartSong’s leaders purchased PitchPerfector™ previously and we were shocked to see that our own pitch was not what we thought it was.

UsingPitchPerfector™ just a few minutes a day has helped us both tremendously.

About a month or so ago, I began taking my lap top with PitchPerfector™ to rehearsals for people to try for about a half-hour before we began our warmups and singing. We were all very surprised to notice how much more in tune our singing was — and I was pleasantly surprised that so many singers could hear the difference. Since then, more than half the chorale has ordered their ownPitchPerfector™ and we’re looking forward to the results both personally and for the group. We’ll keep you posted.

Thank you Stephen for this amazing tool. We’re grateful!”

Mariah Williams HeartSong May 7, 2013

Testimonials – Individuals

“When I first started using OnPitch, I discovered that I was a little low on my thirds and fifths. After using OnPitch a few times I was consistently hitting them without much effort. Thanks Stephen!”

Ken Mullet, Nappanee, Indiana

“My wife and me have been singing together for over 35 years, currently my brother has joined us to form a trio. We travel throughout the US & Can. sharing what God has given us by way of concerts and doing the music for many Evangelistic crusades. Close harmony is and accurate pitch is an absolute necessity when you are on the road and the “Pitch Graphing Tool” has proven to be a great asset in helping us reach that goal. Thank you so much.”

Pastor Jerry C Freeman [email protected]

”Being a graduate of The Boston Conservatory, I had always considered myself to be a great singer. But it wasn’t until my senior year that I was told by the jury panel I had some “minor pitch problems.” As you can imagine, I was quite upset considering how much pride I had always taken in my singing. The revelation stayed in my thoughts, and even after I started booking high profile singing and acting gigs, it still affected my confidence. The worst part about it was I had NO WAY to monitor my pitch! A music director could give me a correction, but I still felt absolutely powerless. So even if I was singing perfectly in tune, my performances would sometimes lack the commitment that makes them memorable for an audience.

When I first found out about Pitch Perfector, I was skeptical… I had always figured that your musical ear was something you were born with. You could learn theory, but your ear was your ear and you were stuck with it. When I saw that the price seemed reasonable and offered me my money back if it didn’t work, I decided to take a chance.

And it was the best decision I’ve made in a long time… Not just has it improved my overall pitch and musicality, but it has alerted me to ‘problem areas’ in my range. Now I know that my tendency was to go a little bit sharp when I sang an F natural on an ‘O’ vowel, etc.

Armed with this new knowledge, my confidence has sky rocketed! My fear of singing out of tune has vanished. And the best part of it all is when you’re not worried about singing in tune, you are truly able to focus on what you’re singing about.

Awesome product! Thanks so much!! “

Julian R. Boston Conservatory Graduate Class of 03

“I had never thought much about pitch until my drama teacher brought it up to me. I was a backup singer in a production show, and he would constantly remind me, “David, you’re a little flat. David, you’re voice is standing out a little to much. David, can you just lip sync and act like your singing for me”

After rehearsal, I asked him about my singing. He replied, “You’re just a little flat, nothing that can’t be fixed.” He recommended that I get a vocal coach, but after some research I learned that the cheapest coaches charge over $100 a lesson! I didn’t pursue a vocal coach, but instead took my search online, and ended up finding a complete set of vocal warmups on youtube.

However, a problem remained. I had no idea if I was singing the warmups on pitch! While this may seem funny to trained musicians, it’s important to know that I had zero experience playing an instrument. Pitch was a relatively foreign concept to me. I often confused volume and softness for pitch, and had a hard time accessing my own range.

I came across PitchPerfector googling around for a tool that would tell me my pitch. At first, I was skeptical. And sixty-seven dollars was a lot of money to be spending on a tool that I wasn’t sure about. But, I rationalized my skepticism by reminding myself that a single vocal lesson would cost me double!

So, I purchased PitchPerfector and it’s been a godsend in helping me understand pitch. Within a couple of minutes I felt my muscle memory improve. At first, I didn’t know what middle C was. But after a few minutes, I could sing it on demand (along with other notes). PitchPerfector has definitely helped better my understanding of pitch. “

– David Crawford Los Angeles, Ca

“I was never much of a singer to begin with but was willing to try anything to get better. I use your application almost every night and have noticed HUGE changes. While I know my technique still needs work, it’s nice to know that I don’t have to worry about hitting the notes anymore. It gives me time to work on the other aspects of singing. Anyway, it’s a great application and well worth the money in my opinion.

– Dirk Peterson San Jose, Ca

“tried Pitch Perfector tonight and I’m pleased with it. I found I did improve my pitch a bit over a 30 minute period. I learned that I tend to sing sharp ascending and flat while descending. I had thought I just sang flat all the time. It was very interesting to see what my voice was doing and I think this program is going to be very helpful with my voice lessons.”

– Bert Jackson, TN

“My daughter is thrilled! She says it’s the best birthday present ever!”

– Cheryl Wahpeton, North Dakota

“…fantastic product. Thanks, Daniel”

– Daniel San Francisco, CA

“I really like the software… ”

– Peter Manchester, MI

“Thank you a million times! Product is GREAT!!!”

– Delphine C.

“This is a really great product! :)”

– Mona P. Milaca, MN

“I go flatter on lower notes, stay mainly on pitch with upper medium notes and then tend to go sharper on higher notes. I need to practise relaxing my throat and chest when i sing, because I feel I have something to share, but it often feels forced, even when i feel I’m enjoying the music, and genuine about the song. I don’t understand why that is, but it’s probably because o need to develop more experience and skills.

I have an audition this Sunday and so the pitch perfector will really help! Thanks again so much for your prompt reply to my emails, I really feel supported by you. Best wishes and God bless you, Caroline”

– Caroline Upper Beeding, UK

“Thank you very much for your quick reply! The download and install went perfectly! This is a great product and I’m sure I’ll be using it for years.”


“I got this yesterday and its great! It does everything I need to do and its so great to finally be able to see whats wrong as I have been struggling to find a way to improve my pitch. I love using it and Im sure I will get a lot out of it. I also love the guide to the training excersises. I think is so important because like most people I would probably have gone straight into trying to fix things by starting with a song. Its great to have that step by step guide on how to get the most out of it. It’s a very cool piece of kit and its just what Ive been looking for!! Thanks!”

Rebekah Griffiths Surrey, UK

Thank You Very Much that lessons helped me a lot
Thank You Again

Keith 12-27-15


I thank you for sharing your enthusiasm for and love of music, particularly singing.   You seem to have an unusual talent for teaching …Thank you and God Bless

Stephen Marx 12-25-16

Get More with PitchPerfector Plus!

While the standard PitchPerfector System will work wonders, most people find it helpful to have some fundamental knowledge of singing. With PitchPerfector Plus! we add EXPERT Singing Lessons to establish a Foundation for your Singing.  Each lesson is much like a 1 on 1 lesson would go in a voice teacher studio.  You will enjoy these Easy, Fun lessons that will take you further than your expectations.

PitchPerfector Plus! Adds

(also sold separately for $97)

Almost Live 1 on 1

Unique format is as close to a live 1 on 1 lesson as possible.

Over 4 Hours of VIDEO

Go through each lesson as often as you like in the privacy of your own home.


Musicianship, Pre-lesson preparation, in addition to core vocal training.

Audio Downloads

Download audio tracks of your weekly lessons to take them anywhere you go.

Over 100,000 Students Rave Reviews

You’re in good hands with this time tested program.

Bonus Lessons

Learn first hand from expert vocalists – inspiring and motivational!

 Answers to FAQ

If you and I were just “hanging out” talking, you might have some questions about whether PitchPerfector™ will really work for you. Since we’re not sitting face to face, let me answer a few commonly asked questions.

I’m not very serious about singing – will it still work?

Causal singers will gain the biggest benefit of all. Here’s why – you see, casual singers usually sit in the background, sing softly and try to avoid being noticed. It probably started when you were young and someone said you could not sing and it “stuck.” Later in life you may have tried to sing, but hit a bad note and all eyes turned on you – again reinforcing the myth that you could not sing. UsingPitchPerfector™, in a short time, you may gain confidence to sing in casual settings, and gain that level of joy without caring about singing in formal venues.

I’m concerned I don’t have a good enough ear – will this work?

If you are completely tone-deaf and can not hear any difference at all between a high note and a low note, then this program is probably not of value for you.
If most of the time you can tell the basic difference between a high note and a low note, then, this program is right for you.

Am, I too young, or too old for this to work?

If you have the skills to click, double click a mouse on your computer, this program will work for you, regardless of age.

I know I have great vocal pitch, have recorded in studios and never need voice pitch correction. Do I need this?

You are rare indeed. Yet, you are also a serious performer, so can you take the RISK to not tryPitchPerfector™? You might not need this, but I would ask whether you might have good vocal pitch days and less than good vocal pitch days. And, for the trivial cost of this voice software, if I were in the same position, I would want a way to tell. Therefore, I recommend you give it a try. If after a few weeks of testing yourself, you find it to be of no value, simply send me a note, delete it from your computer and I’ll give you full refund and ‘thank you’ for giving it a try.

Will it really fix my singing pitch problems in 10 minutes?

Our experience shows that you will likely get positive results of improved singing pitch within the first few minutes of using the program. This may happen within 30 seconds, but it is likely that within the first 10 minutes, you will notice improvement. However, you should not expect to resolve or fix all of your vocal pitch problems within 10 minutes. Everyone is different and there are many root causes of voice pitch problems. PitchPerfector™ is critical in understanding where you are and helping you to see your progress. With the specific training sessions, PitchPerfector™ is further critical in improving a variety of voice pitch issues. Remember you have a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Why not take private singing lessons? Can’t my voice teacher help me?

The answer is that if you can afford a private teacher, that’s great. And most teachers can give tips to improve voice pitch. However, there’s a big difference in seeing your voice pitch with your own eyes and most voice teachers would love to have a vocal pitch software tool like PitchPerfector™. If you’re voice teacher is keeping up with new developments in vocal pedagogy, then they’re probably already using PitchPerfector™ and recommending it to their students.


It gets even BETTER…
You get all future updates to version 4.x.  (v3.x customers enjoyed over 5 years of free updates).

IRON-CLAD GUARANTEE: If you don’t like PitchPerfector™, just delete from your machine, and send me a message within 30 days of your order with the subject line asking for a refund and I’ll promptly cancel your free future updates, refund 100% of your money, and apologize for wasting your time.

Here’s What to do Now

Imagine what would happen if you could start singing on pitch with confidence, not a month from now, not 10 days from now, but today!

Imagine 30 minutes from now, you identified your biggest vocal pitch problem and already see how to fix it!

The sooner you get your copy of On Pitch Singing, PitchPerfector™, the sooner you can make it happen.

I want you to sing on pitch and be happy and confident with your singing. Get PitchPerfector NOW!

Testimonials – Individuals

You are great for customer service, you know? I freaked out for a little bit after I couldn’t download it. Now that I have access I have found more than what I expected. I look forward to watching more videos in the following weeks.

Ana 5-12-15


Hello Sir, thank you for your generosity… You really help me improve my singing voice. I just want you to know sir that these singing lessons are one of my answered prayers on 2015. Hope I can learn more from you. Thank You very much sir! I pray you blessings and good health! God Bless!

Jerrylle 1-14-16

Which PitchPerfector is Best for YOU?

Compare: PitchPerfector™ & PitchPerfector™ Plus!

YES! I want to take action to sing on pitch with confidence using On Pitch Singing – PitchPerfector™ Vocal Software for Singing.

  • I understand I will receive Version 4.0 today!
  • I will also receive future updates in the 4.x series as they become available.
  • I will also receive detailed, step by step, training videos that show how to usePitchPerfector™ to solve specific voice pitch singing problems.
  • I get instant access. I can be using On Pitch Singing – PitchPerfector™ Vocal Software in less than 2 minutes, even at 2am on Sunday
  • With PitchPerfector Plus! I also get instant Lifetime access to Foundations of Singing, Part 1 with over 4 hours of video training plus audio downloads


Made in the USA!






30 DAY NO RISK GUARANTEE: If you don’t like PitchPerfector™ for any reason, just remove it from your computer, and send me a message within 30 days of your order for a full refund.

You might not even know you sing off pitch, but others do.

The longer you wait to get started, the longer you will sing off pitch.

Give yourself this gift to sing on pitch with confidence and order today.


Stephen Pierce
Inventor of PitchPerfector™
Creator of Foundations of Singing

PS: If you’re skeptical that you can start singing on pitch in 10 minutes, take me up on my 30 day money back guarantee. Get the Program. Go through the training. If you don’t see the value, just ask, and I’ll rush you a 100% refund. MADE in the USA! – Every aspect of PitchPerfector™ was created in the USA. This includes the research, software design, development, marketing, webhosting… even the software programming tools used to create PitchPerfector™ were developed in the USA.

Stay tuned for the next FREE updates to this product, including step by step daily training, and video instruction on the history of tuning issues in music (a must have for any music student).

Inquire about Special Pricing for

Students, Teachers, Schools, Church Choirs,

Studios and other groups.


If you don’t like PitchPerfector™, just delete from your machine, and send me a message within 30 days of your order with the subject line asking for a refund and I’ll promptly cancel your free future updates, refund 100% of your money, and apologize for wasting your time.

Here’s What You Get:

  • Instant Access – Download NOW!
  • PitchPerfector v4.0 today! Plus future updates in the 4.x series as they become available.
  • Video Installation Instructions
  • Basic Training Video
  • Documentation – concise quick read covers all details
  • Confidence with training to Sing on Pitch
  • Support provided by Leading Expert Vocal Coach, specializing in Singing Pitch Intonation

What you need:

  • Computer: Mac OS, or PC Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10)
  • Computer microphone or or external mic
  • an internet connection to download the program – 1, 2, 3 Easy

Made in the USA!


30 DAY NO RISK GUARANTEE: If you don’t likePitchPerfector™ for any reason, just remove it from your computer, and send me a message within 30 days of your order for a full refund.