FALL In Love with Your Voice – Revealed…


On this 1st Day of FALL, let’s do something extraordinary, something remarkable!

Do you want to know the most important secret to singing?

You might have guessed by the subject line of this article.  Yes, Falling in Love with your own voice is arguably the best thing you can do to improve your singing.  You’ll find more confidence, you’ll create a sense of magnetism that others will want for themselves.

Imagine what it’s like watching a couple who are in love with each other?  It feels good, and provides a sense of joy and pleasure to all those around.

Convinced?  I’ll bet you are… BUT, HOW?

For most of us there’s not an on/off switch that can be flipped to suddenly be in love with your own voice.  It can take a little time and effort, just as in any relationship.


The doubts we have about ourselves (our voices) can be a showstopper, literally.  So, we go to work on the areas of doubt from two angles.

First, we identify the doubt areas and set in action a course of correct/improvement.

Second, we work on loving ourselves for all that we are, right now! This can come through building practices of self compassion, affirmations like “I Love to Sing” or “I Love My Voice”.

For identifying areas of improvement, perhaps one of the most noticeable is vocal pitch. Fortunately, there’s a great program, PitchPerfector, which helps you understand your current pitch issues, and trains you to sing on pitch.

The combination of taking positive action to improve, combined with self acceptance is a powerful WINING FORMULA!

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  1. H

    I appreciate the singing tips you have mentioned: the technique of “Smiling” to slightly raise pitch, and the concept of “falling in love” with my singing voice to boost singing confidence and public-singing appeal. I will endeavor to follow both suggestions. What tips, though, can you provide to one, such as myself, who has a small pharyngeal cavity and a “crowded” mouth situation (inside of the cheeks over padded, tongue too thick and wide, overbite). I am not overweight and have good muscle tone, I have been practicing my breathing exercises and lung capacities, but my voice is somewhat soprano and has difficulty with tones that fall consistently into alto or lower. How would you recommend I increase my volume and improve my lower singing reach? I also want to thank you for being such a positive repealing, cheery instructor, and I appreciate your easy-to-understand, straight forward explanations.

    • Singing Coach

      Hi H,
      Thank you for your positive feedback and rather complex query. Unfortunately, there’s not enough time to address your specific physical make up in general terms… (it could take many hours to come close to addressing all that you’re asking about). It would be best to hear your voice and talk about your goals and concerns 1 on 1.

      I’m currently sold out on 1 on 1 lessons, so this offer has been taken off the website. But, if you’re really serious about this path, drop me a private note via the Support page and I’ll find a way to work you into the schedule.

      All the best!

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