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Chat Support For PitchPerfector Customers

Pre-Sales Questions – Chat

For singers looking to improve their pitch, that have pre-sales questions, you contact us through our Support link and get respond by email.

NEW – You can now Chat Live at to ask questions directly from the Inventor of PitchPerfector, or other trained agent.

After Purchase/Customer Support Chat

When purchasing PitchPerfector you get an account on our sister site, where you can download PitchPerfector, collaborate with other customers, and get live chat Support.

Example Uses for Chat Support:

  • Help with Downloading PitchPerfector
  • Technical question on how to use a feature of PitchPerfector

We tested 17 different chat systems at before choosing JivoChat, which consistently provided the most reliable service.

These screenshots show you how JivoChat works:


Chat Tab positioned vertically on the right side of browser


Chat Tab Positioned at bottom right of the screen

Just CLICK on the Tab to start a Chat conversation and get Help.

As you can see, it’s quick and easy, and you can try it out now, both at and







Off Hours – Musician’s Hours

Chat will be available throughout the day and often late at night. As you may know, we are performing musicians in addition to music teachers, and creators of music training programs.  This means we won’t be online when we are at gigs.  Hope you understand, and also that gigs may be at non standard business times and somewhat intermittent. So, we keep “musician” hours.  Eg, when we are not at a gig or asleep we’ll probably be online and available for a chat.

But, if you’re in a bind and need a question answered ASAP, we actually check for urgent messages between sets from mobile devices.  If it’s an easy answer we can often reply to your question surprisingly quickly!

Offline Chat -> Email Support Ticket

If you miss us, then know that our offline JivoChat system will automatically create a priority ticket that we’ll receive ASAP.  Turnaround time for tickets is rarely more than 12 hours.

Say Hello!

Try it out!  Even just to say “hello”!  We look forward to hearing from you and continuing to provide the highest Singing Support!

And, now with a little extra assist from JivoChat



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