Cross Training with Piano

With many types of training it’s often helpful to take days off from the primary area of training and to focus on training in other related areas – eg, cross training.

For singing, areas of cross training might include playing the following instruments

  • Piano
  • Guitar
  • Flute

Overall, the Piano is probably the most versatile and is widely used for teaching and understanding music theory.  The keys are laid out so that you can quickly identify notes (something not always as obvious on a guitar or flute for example).  This makes playing scales, building chords, and understanding harmonies a snap.

If you’re new to piano, or have struggled with slow progress in the past, I recommend checking out programs offered by

Hear and Play

Their style of teaching piano is perhaps the best around for getting up to speed quickly. They also offer a FREE program to let you get familiar with their system and training prior to making a purchase.

Some of the vocal benefits of cross training with piano include:

  • Getting a better visual understanding of practice scales
  • Being able to play your part and harmonies
  • Accompanying yourself
  • Overall expansion of music understanding
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