Holiday Feasting KILLS Singer’s Voice


Singing after the Holiday


You might not normally think that the great feasts of Thanksgiving and other holidays would have anything to do with Singing, except that you might be singing more often.

Have you thought about the impact of that delicious food on the Quality of your Singing Voice?

Gaining weight – the first thing most of us notice is an extra 5 pounds or so of weight, mostly concentrated in the belly area.  This extra weight limits your breath support because your lungs can not fully expand.  The impact on singing is shorter phrases, less support for more challenging notes, and even impact on pitch.  Over time you can adapt to an extra 5 pounds, but when it comes on within a week of feasting, be ready for the impact.


Mucous Congestion – The other BIG impact to singing is that a lot of festive foods are high in Dairy content. Dairy products cause extra production of mucous, congestion in the sinuses and phlegm in the back of the throat. This leads to ‘clearing your throat’ (usually damaging to vocal chords). The extra mucous build up impacts tone significantly and alters pitch accuracy though a shift of audio perception.

Tips: We’re not all going to stop eating at Holiday feasts, but a few simple tips can make a big difference.

  • Avoid 2nd helpings of Dairy rich offerings
  • Start with a medium size plate of food and wait half an hour before considering 2nd helpings.
  • A little lemon in your glass of water can help cut the phlegm.
  • Use PitchPefector™ to ‘check in’ with your pitch and do a ‘tune up’ session before heading out for a performance.

Until next time… Enjoy your holidays in all ways!





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