Incredibly Inspiring Intervals for Singers!

On first glance the idea of Interval work for Singers sounds about as exciting as working boysingingloudout at the gym (not to dis those who get excited about working out – it’s a great thing!).

But, let’s face it, all of our music is made up of intervals and we need to be solid in making those leaps.  What’s challenging is finding a good way to practice without being bored to tears – something that keeps us going!


Find a practice pattern that is FUN!!!

In this article, we borrow one of my favorite exercises of all times (from Foundations of Singing Lesson 3).  We work with the intervals:

  • Major 2nd
  • Major 3rd
  • Fourth
  • Fifth

The pattern we use is: 151413121

I think you’ll find this pattern is not only a great vocal pedagogy exercise, but is FUN and easy to do.  Make it something you do while shopping for groceries, driving down the road, while on a walk, or riding your bike… You can even practice at low volumes!

Within a short time you’ll discover that you’ve mastered these intervals.  From this point forward if someone says, sing a 4th above this, you’ll know exactly where to go!

Here’s a recorded Practice Example using Tongue Trills:

I hope you enjoyed this article and the Practice Example.

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