One of the most common problems plaguing young singers is intonation; that is, the singing off pitch.  Voice teachers often remain from comments on pitch because they, like you, would rather spend valuable lesson time working on technique and repertoire; they may also assume that pitch is such a fundamental issue that with time it will take care of itself.  Friends who hear your pitch problems want to be polite, and knowing that they are not experts anyway they will not say anything.  Besides this, it has been proven that singers themselves–even well-schooled professional performers–cannot always tell whether or not they are on pitch.  It follows with this vacuum of feedback that a young singer may not even realize she has pitch problems.  This poses a big problem.  First off, how can you fix a problem you do not know you have?  Secondly, if you are investing energy in singing (voice lessons, choir, theater, etc.) you obviously want to do it well–especially if you are on stage in front of others; singing on pitch is imperative.

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The solution, my friend, is to take matters into your own hands.  You need an objective measuring device like vocal pitch software to tell you when you are singing off pitch, and to help you fix the problem.  The easiest tool to access and use is online singing software like the program PitchPerfect.  This vocal pitch software is a great tool because it allows you to actually see your own voice which, as you know, is a rare treat for singers.  With online singing software you can look at and analyze your vibrato, pinpoint certain areas of your range that give you intonation trouble, and watch how your breath control affects your pitch.  The online singing software creates a real-time graph of your voice while you sing, making it easy to correct yourself instantly.  You may disappointed when first working with online singing software to see how far off pitch you are, but after only ten minutes of practice with singing pitch software you will be able match pitch much better.  Using online singing software on a daily basis for ten minutes at a time will nearly eliminate all of your pitch problems.

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If you are serious about singing, you should invest in this PitchPerfect vocal pitch software.  As you know, singing on pitch is imperative to a good performance and as you have seen, you cannot rely on your own ears to tell when you are incorrect.  Nor can you always rely on friends and teachers to let you know.  When you begin using voice pitch software, you will probably be surprised to discover what your own unique pitch issues are and wonder why no one has told you before.  But you will be happy to see how quickly you improve with very little practice on singing pitch software.  You understand how important accurate pitch is, and no doubt you would rather spend lesson time working on repertoire and technique than pitch matching.  So do yourself a favor.  Clean up the problem on your own with the help of online singing software.

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