Many are the accomplished singers who blithely report “fortunately I have never had pitch issues.”  Well, guess what: everybody has pitch issues!  Yes, everybody.  Doesn’t matter if they sing on stage at the Met for a living, or merely hum an occasional aria in the shower when no one else is home.  The truth is, even very good singers cannot tell when they are singing off pitch.  This has been proven in experiments where, for example, professional vocalists (MS and PhD performance majors) are asked to sing a phrase and immediately after state whether or not they sang on pitch.  Later, these singers listen to a recording of themselves singing the phrase and then state whether or not there were pitch problems, and where they occurred.  The two reports differed, however, because while the singers were able to accurately note all intonation issues upon listening to the recording of themselves, they were not successful in catching the problems as they sang; the score given to themselves immediately after singing had no correlation to actual pitch accuracy.

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Why can one hear the pitch problems on a recording, but not while they are singing?  It is too late to fix the problem after the recording has been made!  The truth is that it is nearly impossible to gauge pitch matching while singing because sound is different in your head than it is to the ears of those around you.  Also, your pitch accuracy will change day-to-day depending on your own body–whether you are healthy, if you are tired, depending on your diet, etc.  The difference between “oops” and “painful” depends on how long and how far away you are from the target pitch.


But the bottom line is that when you sing, you do not want to make any pitch errors, right?  Not even a little “oops.”  But if you cannot hear yourself, how can you fix the problem?  You need an objective measuring device, like voice software, to tell you whether or not you are singing on pitch.  The easiest solution to this is to download some vocal software.  Such pitch software programs are available online for little cost, and prove highly effective.  One well recommended singing software program is called PitchPerfect.  The user sings into a microphone (either the one built into your computer or an inexpensive external microphone like the one included in a webcam), and the voice software will let you know not only if you are sharp or flat, but how far away you are from the desired pitch.  One great advantage of this pitch software program is that it allows you to actually see your voice–a luxury rarely afforded to singers.  In this way pitch software makes it easy to instantly make corrections.  Most users report improvements in their pitch matching abilities within the first ten minutes of using the pitch software.

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Because PitchPerfector™ singing software is so inexpensive and easy to use–it only requires about ten minutes a day of practice time for consistent improvement–vocal software is a tool in which every serious singer should invest.  Why subject your audiences to pitch errors when they are so easy to fix?  Remember that your ears cannot be entirely trusted, and an objective measuring device provided by pitch software will give you a means of diagnosing and fixing pitch problems.


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