Many people do not want to sing in public because they are too shy or believe they lack talent.  But, as the adage goes, “if you can talk, you can sing!”  Singing is a natural instinct in humans.  Just listen to children: they are constantly humming while they work or play, sometimes mumbling words to their favorite song, sometimes just playing with their voices.  This instinct becomes stifled when people learn that they “cannot sing”–probably after an embarrassing episode brought on by singing a wrong note in elementary school choir.

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The biggest issue confronting people who think they do not like singing is the fear of singing a wrong note, or of singing off pitch.  They’ve heard enough people sing out of tune that they do not want to offend any ears and so they politely remain silent.  But here is a little secret: everyone sings off pitch.  Even professional singers.  In a recent study, singers were asked to sing and record a phrase.  Immediately after singing, they assigned themselves a pitch accuracy score.  Later, they listened to the recording of themselves singing the phrase and assigned a second score.  Interestingly, the first scores had no correlation to their actual intonation while their second scores were all exactly correct.  This is because the human voice sounds different inside your own head than outside.  In addition, various physical factors like health and diet will affect voice pitch from day to day.  Therefore no one’s ears can be trusted to judge their own voice–even those of a well-respected vocalist.


So the good news is that you are not alone.  But there is even better news:  you can cure pitch problems with vocal pitch software in the comfort and privacy of your own home–no need to make embarrassing mistakes in front of teachers, friends, musical colleagues, or an audience.  Try using the voice pitch software program PitchPerfect.  The PitchPerfect online singing software is available on the internet for a low price.  Step-by-step guides and demonstrations make the singing pitch software very easy to use.  In essence, when the singer vocalizes into a microphone (the one built into your computer or webcam–nothing fancy or expensive) the vocal pitch software creates a graph of the voice against the desired pitch.  Because the vocal pitch software allows you to see your voice (a rare luxury for singers), it is easy to make pitch corrections on the spot.  You will see improvements in your pitch matching ability after only ten minutes of using the vocal pitch software, and with consistent daily use you can nearly eliminate your intonation problems completely.

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Once you, the closet singer, practice and perfect your ability to sing on pitch with vocal pitch software, you will be able to sing out with confidence and even have fun singing!  You will probably discover that you do indeed have some talent.  So invest in PitchPerfect online singing software and gain the confidence to share your voice at home with family, in church, at public events, or even join a community choir and maybe audition for a solo!  Reconnect with your childhood instincts and sing out with the help of voice pitch software.

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