A new tool is becoming popular for singers everywhere: voice pitch software. Vocal pitch software programs, like the well-respected PitchPerfect, are available online.  Online singing software is easy to download, inexpensive, and very easy to use.  And, singing pitch software requires only about ten minutes a day to improve your intonation.  So what exactly is it?  With the PitchPerfect voice pitch software, the vocal pitch software will play a single pitch or a simple scale which the user sings back into a microphone (either the one built into their computer, or a simple external mic like the one on a webcam–no extra fancy and expensive equipment necessary).  The online singing software creates a graph of the singer’s voice against the desired pitch.  Singing pitch software allows the singer can then see if they are sharp or flat, and easily make adjustments.  They can also observe the movement of their vibrato with voice pitch software.

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Why is the popularity of online singing software growing?  After all, voice pitch software sounds like a great tool, but can’t singers just hear themselves make pitch mistakes when they vocalize?  Well, no.  The truth is that everyone sings off pitch.  Yes, everyone: amateur and professional singers, community choir participants, shower recitalists, you name it.  The professional singer will retort “of course I sing on pitch–I have been doing this for years!” while the amateur chorister will say “but I’m just doing this for fun; does it really matter how accurate my pitch is?”  Two facts: 1.  If people are listening to you, pitch matters–even if you are singing in a group or an informal setting; how many times have you winced when an amateur at the karaoke bar continued to fall short of or just overshoot the notes in his favorite song?  2.  Even well established singers cannot always tell when they are singing on or off pitch.  The voice is different inside one’s head than the way people outside hear it.


Scientists have even conducted experiments to prove this, in which professional vocalists sing a phrase and then  score their pitch accuracy.  They then listen to a recording of their voices and give a second pitch accuracy score.  While they all gave correct scores to their recordings, no one gave a correct score immediately after singing.  So, even a professional needs an objective external measuring device, like voice pitch software, to tell them when they are singing off pitch.

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Singing pitch software is a useful tool for all singers, ranging from the just-for-fun vocalist to the professional performer.  Vocal pitch software is a small financial and time investment to make for a program that can bring such great results.  Just think: work with PitchPerfect voice pitch software consistently for ten minutes a day, and you can nearly eliminate your pitch problems.  Amateurs will enjoy working on their singing in the privacy of their own home, without having to make mistakes in front of a teacher–or worse–an audience.  More serious singers will find that they need to make many fewer pitch corrections in their recordings.

In short, voice pitch software is popular because although everyone sings off pitch, anyone who is willing to put in a little time can learn to sing on pitch consistently.  And everyone, whether amateur or professional, wants  to spare listeners the pain of pitchy singing.

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