Many people are afraid to sing in front of others, whether singing hymns at church, “Happy Birthday” at a family gathering, or the national anthem at the ballpark–let alone up on stage in front of audience as either a soloist or even as a choir member.  There are a number of possible reasons for this: shyness, not liking the sound of your own voice, but the most common is a fear of singing the right note.  No one wants to be that person who sings out loud and clear, joyfully rejoicing, but unfortunately–much to the dismay of those around him–unable to sing on pitch.  So some think it better not to sing at all than to cause such discomfort to poor surrounding fools.

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But the truth of the matter is, you are not alone.  Everyone sings off pitch.  Yes, everyone–even well-established professional singers.  Sometimes it is not too noticeable, because how “painful” the tonal offense is depends on how far and for how long a singer remains off pitch.  Studies have even proven that singer’s cannot tell when they are off pitch while they are singing–they need an objective external measuring device like voice software  for singing to let them know.  This is because the sound of the voice is different inside one’s own head than it is outside your head.  There are also various physical factors that can affect pitch on a daily basis such as health and diet.

However, there is a solution, so be of good cheer!  You can cure your intonation problems easily and inexpensively, in the comfort and privacy of your own home by using pitch software.  There are several voice software programs available online, including the popular PitchPerfect voice singing software program, that are easy to download and user friendly even for the inexperienced beginner.  PitchPerfect vocal software requires no special equipment, just your computer and a microphone (either the one built into your machine, or a simple external mic like the one in a webcam).  When you sing into the microphone, PitchPerfect voice software creates a graph of your voice against the desired pitch.  Being able to see your voice in this way with pitch software makes it very easy to correct yourself.  You may expect to see yourself fall quite flat or rise too sharp when first working with voice software, but after as little as ten minutes you will begin to get a feeling for how to control your voice and match pitch more effectively.  Continue this practice daily with voice software, and you will soon be able to sing on pitch with confidence anywhere you go.

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Don’t let singing in public intimidate you.  With a little vocal software practice, anyone can learn to sing on pitch.  You just might need a little extra help, which you can give yourself by using pitch software.  So test some voice sing software, and sing out (on pitch) in church or a Happy Birthday chorus!  Once you gain even more confidence in yourself with singing software, you may find you enjoy singing enough to join a community choir, or even venture down to the local karaoke bar for a night of fun.  Pitch software is a worthwhile investment.

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