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    • Stephen

      Hi Gayle,

      Great question!

      For the longer full explanation, go here:

      It’s a sales page for the product, and goes into all the details about how and why.

      There are also lots of articles and discussion:
      check out the Articles section on the right column.

      To answer your question more quickly…


      You train the ear to listen… but not only to the myriad of sounds coming through the head, and reflections in the room, etc… the sound entering your ear is quite different than the sound coming out of your mouth. So, put simply there’s a learning to listen to the “correct” frequencies and in a sense tone down or pay less attention to other frequencies.

      What happens is that the instantaneous biofeedback helps your brain make the link between the “mush” of sounds in your environment… it helps reinforce the more accurate listening.

      I hope this shorter explanation makes sense. And if not, I’ll elaborate with more detail examples of how it works.

      Thanks again for your question. Look forward to hearing from you again.


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