FALL In Love with Your Voice – Day 2

On this 2nd Day of FALL, we’ll continue our search for excellence.

Yesterday, we learned that there are doubts or obstacles to Falling in Love with our voices.

We introduced a 2 pronged approach

  1. Solid improvement techniques to help us sing better and have more confidence
  2. Improving our self talk.

To improve your overall singing musicianship, I highly recommend that you return to the Foundations of Singing course and repeat the entire program again. You’ll be amazed at how much more you’ll gain the 2nd or 3rd time through the program.  There’s also a special offer to get Lifetime Access to the Foundations of Singing when you purchase PitchPerfector at the special FALL SALE rate of just $47.

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The Foundations of Singing program includes exercises for stretching and relaxation. Take this a step further and utilize silent mind meditation, or guided meditation with a narrative that focuses on self improvement.  As you repeat the lessons, your confidence will improve and it will become easier and easier to honestly believe that you have a beautiful voice, and with time to fully fall in love with your own voice.

For self compassion, allow yourself to intentionally sing a note off pitch and accept it as beautiful.  Next, think of a time when listening to a small child sing.  It was probably not “perfect” but you were able to see the beauty and feel a sense of love for the child.  Now imagine yourself singing as a child and observing this from a mature adult perspective.  There’s now a window of knowledge open to understanding how to begin loving your own voice.

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