Do you sing on pitch?  Yes, I am asking you: the professional opera singer, the church or community chorister, the karaoke star, the shower recitalists, the mother who sings a lullaby to her child at night–everyone!  Are you sure you sing on pitch?  How do you really know?  The truth is that your voice, resonating around inside your skull, sounds different to you than it does to those around you and therefore you cannot really know whether or not you sing on pitch unless you have an objective external measuring device like singing pitch software.  Don’t believe it?  Experiments with professional vocal performers have proven this fact.  “But surely,” you say, “my friends would tell me if I sang horribly off pitch!”  The discomfort you cause others with an incorrect pitch depends simply on how long you remain off pitch and how far away from the desired pitch you stray.  So, if you correct yourself quickly when you make a pitch error your friends may barely notice and decide it is not worth mentioning.  Or if your pitch problems are more noticeable, your friends may think “but he enjoys singing so much, I don’t want to ruin it for him by telling him he can’t sing on pitch!”

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And now you are wondering, “what is this objective external measuring device singing pitch software of which you speak?  Sounds complicated and probably expensive.”  Not so!  You can find and download online singing software easily and for a minimal cost.  Vocal pitch software programs require only your computer and a microphone (the one built into your computer or webcam is just fine; no need for any extra special or costly equipment).  One highly recommended voice pitch software program is PitchPerfect, which creates a graph of your voice against the desired pitch when you sing into the microphone.  You may be discouraged when you first work with the singing pitch software to find that you do not sing pitches nearly as accurately as you thought you did, either falling flat or rising sharp.  But don’t worry: since you can see your voice on the vocal pitch software graph, corrections are easy to make and even after only ten minutes of working with the online singing software you will begin to get a feeling for how to control your voice and sing pitch correctly.  Continue this practice with singing pitch software every day, and you will nearly eliminate your intonation problems altogether.

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Since everybody does sing off pitch, this singing pitch software is appropriate for all singers.  Those who vocalize only at home with their families, those who participate in church or community choirs and theater activities, and yes–even those professional singers who make a living by singing on stage.  You know you cannot rely solely on your own ears, or on your friends, so give PitchPerfect voice pitch software a try.  You can easily diagnose and fix your individual pitch problems with online singing software, and then sing anywhere you like with the confidence that you are singing the right notes.

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